Personal Injury

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Retain an experienced car accident attorney in Waterloo or Jesup, IA

Have you recently suffered an injury caused by the negligent acts of another? Don’t let a serious injury harm your future any more than it has to. Contact a dedicated car accident attorney from Pieters & Pieters Law Offices in Waterloo and Jesup, IA.

A serious accident leaves more than superficial wounds. Your car accident attorney can help you recover damages from lost wages, mental anguish and more. We’ve handled countless cases for slip and falls, dog bites and product liabilities. Call us today to seek compensation for your injury.

What factors must be proved in a wrongful death?

Are you seeking compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one? Your wrongful death attorney at Pieters & Pieters Law Offices will gather all the necessary evidence to prove:

  • A death resulted from the incident
  • The incident was caused by negligence or wrongdoing
  • The death has directly affected you or your family
  • The death has caused financial hardship

With all of these links clearly shown in court, you can finally find closure and justice. Contact us today to speak with a skilled wrongful death attorney in Waterloo or Jesup, IA.